Мохаммед Сигрид Ла Фонда

Специализация: Английский язык

Образование: The University of the West Indies (2009 г.), Trinity College London (2013 г.)

Сертификаты: Certificate of Achievement The University of the West Indies, Trinity College London Cert TESOL

Участие методических семинарах: Сертификат Ассоциации преподавателей иностранных языков учебных заведений Красноярского края KELTA
Сертификат British Council

Кратко о себе: I’m from Trinidad and Tobago, one of the many countries that make up the Caribbean. My homeland is full of frienly people, many cultures and known as a vacation paradise. I’m coming with lots of experience as a Kindergarten teacher/Assistant. What I really love about teaching is seeng my students grow and understand what they’re learning. I’m very creative with my lessons. I also like making learning interactive. Letting you guys experience English in a way that’s natural and enjoyable. So look forward to fun, unique learning sessions with me!

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